Ars Electronica Linz

Create Your World

YOUNG CREATIVES AND YOUNG PROFESSIONALS This year’s u19 exhibition will invite all winners to exchange ideas and projects with each other. Their “homebase” will be the physical exhibition of the projects, where the winners can explain these to other artists and visitors. They will share their talents and show the audience of Ars Electronica Festival their view of possible future scenarios. In 2019, the Prix Ars Electronica's u19–create your world category was divided into two sections. First, ideas and projects could be submitted to YOUNG CREATIVES (up to age 14). This sub-category impressively demonstrates how children can help shape the present and future from their own perspective. For YOUNG PROFESSIONALS (14 - 19 years), innovative lateral thinkers who have developed an artistic or critical project for the world of tomorrow are in demand.

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