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Chronicles of an Art and Science Collaboration

“What sort of subjects do we become through the embodiment of the microscope, the telescope, self-driving cars and computer screens?” This work brings together the reflections of three scientists who participated in an art and science collaboration dealing with the use of bio-cellulose for art and design purposes. Three days before the Covid-19 lockdown, Systems of Representations researchers carried out semi-structured interviews with a group of scientists at Aalto University. In the anecdotal narratives that ensue, the respondents, that include professor Orlando Rojas, Canada Research Excellence Chair in Forest Bioproducts and two of his doctoral students at Aalto University talk about their childhood, what inspired them to follow careers in science and how the making of a contribution to sustainability and the good of humankind sustains their work objectives. This hybrid work gathers a 15 minutes pre-recorded video-documentary based on interviews and combined with images pertaining the practices and cultural and historical origins of the respondents. After the screening, participants will join the audience online and engage in a follow-up discussion. The video-documentary is displayed using a 360 degrees interactive panorama in Mozilla hub.

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