Ars Electronica Garden Milan

Dance the distance

Live Guided Tour in a Dance Virtual Studio MEET’s second project Dance the distance is a live guided tour through a virtual dance studio. Participants as avatars will be able to meet the virtual dancers and join an open rehearsal for a VR dance performance in progress. Spectators wearing a VR headset will be introduced to this artistic research project by MEET Digital Culture Center’s Intermedia Lab in partnership with AIEP Avventure in Elicottero Prodotti, Ariella Vidach aiep and DIDstudio. The audience will be able to attend part of the rehearsals with the possibility to pose a question to the choreographer Ariella Vidach and the AiEP VR dance company. Dance the Distance is an experimental project to test new forms of choreographic creation and dance performances in virtual and augmented reality or VR devices. It aims to establish new forms of enjoyment of the live show, of aggregation and of online and offline interaction. This Intermedia Lab project explores the conditions for a virtual dance company and other totally immersive and online distributed formats or events.

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