Ars Electronica Linz

Create Your World

Garden of Talents How are experts actually created? The individuality of each person arises from innumerable possibilities, which seemingly develop into concrete interests as if by chance. Is an interest already a talent, or does the intensive examination of a certain topic become one? Is talent really inherited? Whatever the case may be, talent should be encouraged. If left hidden for too long, it will wither and die. But giving a talent the right kind of importance is often the real challenge in a young person’s development. If too much pressure is exerted, interest can fade. If too few opportunities to try it out are given, uncertainty arises and weakens self-confidence. One thing is certain: everyone has talents, and their diversity creates a wealth we want to be able to share. Therefore: Submit your project at the Prix Ars Electronica! (category “u19 – create your world” only for submitters under 19 years from Austria.)

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