Claudia Hart

The Ruins

The Ruins implements still lifes, the classical form of a memento mori, to contemplate the decay of western civilization, using as its central metaphor the canons of modernist painting and the manifestos of failed utopias. Artworks offer a meditation on the flow of history, expressed as a cycle of decay and regeneration. Hart positions The Ruins as an antidote to a world in crisis, navigating from a Eurocentric paradigm of fixed photographic capture into a reality of malleable and inherently unstable computer simulations and systemic collapse. The exhibition presents a different notion of time, a present that viewers experience through the possibility of simulation technologies that use scientific data to model natural forces, the crystallization of past, future and present into a perpetual now. Music and software programming for the custom algorithmic sound engine by Edmund Campion, Director, Center for New Music and Audio Technologies, UC Berkeley. Original spoken voice recording by Claudia Hart. This piece utilizes the CNMAT Resonators~ synthesis object designed by Adrian Freed. Special thanks to Jeremy Wagner and CNMAT for support with Sound installation. Additional presentation support from NIIO and Barco. The Mozilla Hubs presentation of The Ruins is designed and supported by Matthew Gantt. It is featured in Ars Electronica's festival hub, along with a video interview with Claudia Hart about the project. For more information about the exhibition, please visit

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